Care for your Maians shoes

ANTE/LEATHER- Non-washable in water. Apply a leather protectant before wearing your Maians in wet conditions. Use a leather cleaning lotion or spray to clean.

MESH/REJILLA- Handwashable in cold water. Use a soft brush and neutral soap. Clean shoelacesseparately.

What are the sizes available for men and ladies?

We strongly recommend that customers do a fitting at our store, as the right size for you may vary due to differences in the cut of each design. More importantly, we want you to feel how comfortable the shoes are, before making a purchase.)
Ladies: size 35- 42
Men: size 39- 46

Our size chart helps you find the right size of your Maians

The measurements of our collection are shown in cm. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions and we will be happy to assist you.

Is a particular pair of Maians still in stock?

As each design of our Maians footwear come in limited pairs per color and size, kindly get in touch with us via email: and we will be happy to check on the availability in our inventory.

How will I receive the shoes?

We will be in touch with you shortly after a purchase is made, to find out if you’d prefer the shoes to be delivered to you or to be picked up from our retail store. Shipping is free within Singapore. However, if the shoes delivered do not fit, an exchange of sizes is only possible at our store. (We thank you for your understanding) We’re also happy to have you over at the store to try out and pick up the shoes.

What's the shipping cost incurred for overseas orders?

We currently only provide free shipping within Singapore. If you’d like to order from us from overseas, please get in touch with us at so that we may advise you on the shipping costs accordingly. We regret that in some cases, due to territorial demarcation, we will not be able to ship the footwear over. Thank you for your kind understanding.